Caviar Extract Series Anti-Wrinkle Serum



A revolutionary serum for mature or tired complexion in need of rapid condition improvement. Thanks to the condensed active substances it enables instant effect of outstanding smoothing of wrinkles and moisturizing. The caviar cocktail contains glucokines that stimulate the neosynthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Caviar proteins tighten the skin, providing a firming effect. Minerals, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins constituting the ingredients of caviar naturally restore the vitality of the skin visibly improving its appearance. The active ingredients contained in the serum significantly accelerate the process of cell renewal, soothe irritations and improve skin tone. The unique combination of peptides and moisturizing ingredients has a relaxing effect on muscle spasms, allowing the reduction of mimic wrinkles.

Caviar extract Yeast extract Lecithin
Massage into the cleansed face and neck skin every morning and evening.
mature, tired, demanding skin in need of: moisturizing, nourishing, firming, tensioning, improvement of elasticity and skin tone.
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